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Partnership & Shareholder Agreements

Milton – Halton Region – Ontario

Crafting Good Shareholder Agreements

Furlong Collins serves clients in Milton, throughout Halton Region and across Ontario; helping business form shareholder & partnership agreements since 1974.

Crafting good Shareholder and partnership agreements is as just as important as creating your operating agreement. Good partnership and shareholder agreements function in accordance with all other business agreements such as agreements setting out management structure, governing policies, financial contracts, employment contracts and the overall business plan. Shareholder and partnership agreements must reflect the unique relationship between parties involved.

Each business relationship is unique. Furlong Collins crafts partnership & shareholder agreements to reflect the nature of each relationship & business. We sculpt such agreements with certain principles including:

  • The need to be long lasting, accounting for possible changes
  • The understanding that each individual brings unique & complimentary skill sets to the partnership
  • A process in case something goes wrong

Shareholder and partnership agreements should keep organization in the relationships and helps all parties understand their obligations and consequences of not meeting those obligations.

Considerations in Partnership Agreements

At Furlong Collins there are no boiler-plate agreements we endeavour to personalize your agreements to allow for the best opportunity for your success.

All parties involved must understand the roles and responsibilities of all the other parties involved in partnership or shareholder agreements. You must understand what everyone is bringing to the table and their commitment to the business.

We explore with you issues that may arise and write agreements to prepare for such eventualities, such as:

  • If a partner dies, retires or decides to leave the business
  • If a shareholder wants to sell his or her shares

Other considerations within the agreement should be:

  • Which party manages the day-to-day operations.
  • Which party manages the business growth plan.
  • What is the compensation structure for the partners and other stakeholders, if any.

Agreements need to be precise so ambiguity does not create havoc that can affect the continuity of the business. Also, liabilities need to be addressed and minimized or distributed amongst the parties. Furlong Collins will help you to craft sound partnership and shareholder agreements reflective of your unique business requirements.

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